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This manicure may have been more suitable for anytime

We love these nails because they are so stylish and attention grabbing. While probably not suitable for everyday, these will look fabulous for a night out or party. This is a glam design that is perfect for parties. It is great for those who like to make a statement. If you'd rather show off a more editorial style, look no further than these cool, fun nail extensions.

Go extra bold with your nails! This manicure style will make you feel powerful, capable, and above all, confident! Searching for nails that are glamorous and sparkly? Then this nail design idea is for you! If your wardrobe is neutral then bright and bold nails will take your outfit up a notch ;)

Below is a really unique manicure, not just because of the coloring, but also because of the design itself. Add some fun to your everyday life with multicolor nails!

All of the most captivating women in the world have worn this nail trend, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

The most amazing party nails ever, right? Imagine showing up to a party and glowing like this. These nails are perfect for a rave.

Teaming a shocking nail color with glamorous nail jewels will instantly up your nail game! Manicured hands full of tiny teddy bear charms, multicolor gems, and fluffy pom-poms were all over Instagram this year.

If you are daring, you can definitely go for this bold nail art design and be the center of attraction.

Nail salon 85308 - Lobo Nails & Spa 2 in Glendale Market Square : This manicure may have been more suitable for the craziest night!

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