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With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best services in our effort of doing a great job. Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!



Classic Manicure $22

Nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, hand massage, apply nails strengthener and finish with your favorite color.

Deluxe Manicure $32

The delightful experience of fresh hydration and pampering, using cucumber to infuse your skin with healing elements, a paraffin war treatment, and a 10-minute therapeutic hand reflexology massage. 

Shellac Or Gel Manicure $37


Classic Pedicure $30

Classic Pedicure includes toe nail shaping, cuticle grooming, feet scrub, lotion massage with hot stones, and finish with your choice of regular polish. (Add gel Polish $15) 

Luxury Pedicure $40

Luxury Pedicure includes Classic Pedicure plus Callus Removal. Followed by massage your legs with Sugar Scrub to exfoliate your dry skin. Then, 10 mins lotion massage and hot stones to get the extra moisture and relax. (Add gel Polish $15)

Deluxe Pedicure $50

Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury to bring you a sense of well-being and use cucumber to infuse your skin. Classic Pedicure plus Callus Removal for dry heels and cracked skin. Followed by Paraffin Wax OR Cooling Gel to release stress and sore muscles. 15 mins massage your legs with hot stones to relieve stress for your tired feet. (Add gel Polish $15)

Coconut Pedicure $60

Submerge into a moisturizing bath of soothing Coconut Milk. Next, Callus Removal and exfoliate your legs with Coconut Sugar Scrub to hydrate and restore your skin elasticity. Followed by, Paraffin Wax is applied to smooth skin & relieve stress. 15 mins massage your legs with Coconut Warm Lotion and hot stones to prevent dryness, lacking skin premature aging. (Add gel Polish $15)

Jelly Pedicure $65

A jelly pedicure creates a truly luxurious pedicure experience by transforming the warm water into a soft, translucent, fluffy jelly that will melt all of your stress away. The mixture is made of natural plant oils that, when added to water, create a smooth gelatinous mixture that will send a thousand sensations of luxury through your toes & soles. The essential oils, aloe vera, and light fragrance will melt the stress and anxiety away while removing toxins and stimulating, blood circulation to relax your muscles. (Add gel Polish $15)

Scents of your choice: Lavender, Aloe, Peppermint, Cherry Sage.

Volcano Spa Pedicure is a luxurious 5-step pedicure kit designed to give clients an exhilarating pedicure treatment like they've never experienced before. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying soak with an enjoyable bubble explosion! Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask, and collagen massage lotion made with organic based ingredients to purify and hydrate skin. The natural products leave the pedicure bowl free of residue, making clean up fast and easy. This unique spa experience will keep clients coming back for more!
• Step 1. Detox Volcano Crystals - To begin, add the full packet of Volcano Crystal to warm, relaxing spa water.
• Step 2. Detox Volcano Activator - Immediately add the full packet of Volcano Activator, which reacts with the crystals to begin the bubbling Volcano Eruption, and turn on jet to blend ingredients. Clients will love the gentle fragrance released and the pleasing sensation as the reaction detoxifies and softens the skin.
• Step 3. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - The raw sugars and essential oils help renew skin texture and enhance vibrancy, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.
• Step 4. Collagen Cream Mask - Collagen Cream Mask draws out impurities while rejuvenating skin's appearance.
• Step 5. Collagen Massage Lotion - This final step soothes and moisturizes, leaving your client's skin feeling hydrated all day.


• Complete 5 step Volcano Pedicure kit to deliver a single bubbling pedicure service
• A unique pedicure experience that gives skin a detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment starting with luxurious bubbling "volcano" action to arouse pleasurable sensations
• Refreshing tropical scent
• Mask and Lotion contains collagen to retain elasticity and keep skin glowing and youthful
• Single use, pre-measured portions let you deliver professional results quickly and easily with no prep required
• Individually packaged for safety no worries of cross contamination
• No residue for easy clean up
• Paraben free
• Made with organic based ingredients
• Cruelty free (no testing on animals)

Special Pedicure

Special Pedicure

Pyramid Deluxe Pedicure Relaxation $70

Upgrade your regular foot soak to luxury aromatherapy to soothe and relieve tired and sore feet. The Pyramid Deluxe Pedicure features Pedi in a Box 5 Step to treat yourself with luxury.

• Step 1: Therapeutic Fizzy Tablet eliminates foot odor and fungus. 

• Step 2: Exfoliation Sugar Scrub gently removes the dead skin while precious oils nourish. 

• Step 3: Purifying Clay Mask draws out impurities and restores skin.

• Step 4: Massage Lotion helps to recondition skin prone to looseness. 

• Step 5: Restoration Serum deeply moisturizes, softens, and replenishes skin.

Scents of your choice: Hydrangea, Pink Peony, Jasmine Absolute, Lotus, Chrysanthemum.

Pyramid Luxurious Pedicure with CBD $75

The CBD treatment - The revolutionary new spa treatment that relieves and eases muscle aches. 

• Step 1: CBD Therapeutic Fizzy Tablet softens the skin, conditions cuticles, nail softening, and prepares the foot for treatment. 

• Step 2: CBD Exfoliation Sugar Scrub gently removes the dead skin and revives the skin by stimulating blood flow and leaving the skin feeling extra soft. 

• Step 3: CBD Purifying Clay Mask nourishes, relieves, disinfects, purifies, and revitalizes skin. 

• Step 4: CBD Massage Lotion helps to replenish and restore the energy of the skin. Strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier, sealing in moisture and absorbing quickly. 

•  Step 5: Restoration Serum firms, hydrates and replenishes skin. Detoxifies, refreshes, and illuminates for clearer and younger-looking skin. 

Scents of your choice: Jasmine, Lemongrass, Lavender, Green Tea, Red Wine

Artificial Nails

Artificial Nails

Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel $50 +
Acrylic Fill w/ Gel $45 +
Full Set Pink & White $60 +
Full Set Ombré $60 +
Color Powder Full Set $55 +
Color Powder Fill $50 +
Acrylic on Toes wl/ Gel $60 +
Dip Powder (No Refill) $50 +
Dip Powder w/ Extension $55 +
Dip Powder French Tip- $60 +
Dip Powder Ombré $65 +
Additional Services

Additional Services

Callus Removal $10
Paraffin Treatment $10
Sugar Scrub $10
Buff Shine $10
Nail Take Off With Service $10
Nail Take Off Without Service $20
Nail Designs $7 +
Repair With Service (Each) $5
Regular Polish Change Hands $12 +
Regular Polish Change Toes $17 +
Gel Color Change On Hands $27 +
Gel Color Change On Feet $29 +
Acrylic On Big Toes $8 +
Deep French Tip $15 +
Custom Shape $5
Extra Length $5 +
Cat Eye $10 +
Chrome $15 +
Kid's Menu

Kid's Menu

(Under 10 years old)
Kid Manicure $18
Kid Pedicure $22
Hands / Toes Regular Polish Change $8 / $12
Gel Polish Change Hands / Toes $18 / $22
Gel Manicure $28
Gel Pedicure $32


Eyebrows $12
Upper Lip or Chin $10
Whole Face $45 +
Full Legs $55 +
Half Legs $35 +
Full Arms $45 +
Half Arms $35 +
Underarms $25 +
Chest $35 +
Tummy $35 +
Full Back $60 +